Money And Finance

Ways to be Financially Literate

Just like the things we do in school, wherein we are tasked to learn things out of the books, teachings, and other materials, in financial literacy, we do the same thing. The only difference here is that financial literacy focuses on the ways we manage our funds and money while the school teaches general topics. Unfortunately, not all schools are teaching students financial literacy. Only those who are taking up business and accounting courses have the privilege.

Now, financial literacy is a great and beneficial thing. However, due to a lack of knowledge and experience, a lot of us are still struggling with it. Given that, here are the basic ways to be financially literate without taking up business and accounting courses. So, let’s start now!

Read Books

The very first thing that we need to do is to read books. These books can be anything, but if we are looking forward to being financially literate, then we can focus on business and accounting books. These types of books can help widen our ideas and perspectives about finance and money management. It will also teach us to be confident when it comes to our finances. Reading books improve not only our minds but also our perspectives, especially when it comes to our finances. Besides, there are several books about finance and money on the market so it’ll be easier for us to access every book we need.

The only problem here is when we’re not that fond of reading books. Honestly, even I admit that reading a book can make me feel sleepy easily. But after all, it depends on us. If we want changes and improvements in our financial statuses, then we can be more eager to improve our knowledge about it. By simply reading books we have, we can make it easier to achieve our financial goals and dreams.

Use Audio Books

Now, continuing the problem of getting too bored reading books, we have audio books as great alternatives. Audio books simply refer to the materials we can use to gain knowledge. Here, we’ll only hear contents narrated from a book we want to read. The best thing here with audio books is that we can do anything we want while listening. If we are currently cooking, cleaning, relaxing, or doing other things, we can easily put on the audio books and hear it. Another great thing with audio books is that it promotes less-hassle usage. Compared to books that we still need to carry every time we want to read and are heavy, audio books can be efficiently brought anywhere, and it’s lightweight.


Next is self-study. This will help us develop our mental abilities and skills when it comes to our financial literacy. Studying by ourselves can also help in developing our focus which is needed to be fully literate in finance and other business fields. With more time with ourselves, we can understand the things that we are passionate about in relation to finance. We can realize the things that we think as compatible to our skills and mentality.

Another thing, we can realize a lot of things when we do self-study. Included here are the ways for us to save effectively, invest, budget, and so many more. Above all, the main aim of self-study is to enable us to work by ourselves and also transform us to be independent and courageous than before.

Have a Mentor

Doing self-study is a great thing but if we are looking forward to better understanding the perspectives regarding finance and money, then having a mentor isn’t a bad decision. Instead, it will lead us to better financial destinations wherein we can be more confident and effective when making financial decisions. Mentors can also help in expanding our thinking abilities to produce better and much more confident individuals who are ready to be successful financially.

Not just that, mentors can also help us to expand our connections. As finance and even business are both large fields that anyone would love to do, having good connections can bring us far from our expectations. That is because connections can help us develop good relationships both from the past and for the future that’ll eventually impact our financial statuses.