All About The Crap Shack

Well hey there, welcome to my own little corner of the internet! My name is Joss Toland, and I am an an odd soul to say the least. My life has led me all over the place, from a three year stint in Leeds, England, to a 6 month stay in Cairo, Egypt. Needless to say I have traveled a lot. Now I am settled into Florida after inheriting a home that was…a little run down to say the least. But more on that later.

To be honest, it is tricky to talk about myself and my life. I've led one that has led me down so many paths. I've done call center work, financial work, maintenance and engineering, and now I try to keep my focus into charity and non-profit. It's tough, but rewarding to say the least!

In my spare time I like to make DIY projects and am currently learning how to make pottery. I also like to cook, though results can be mixed on if I'm any good at it.

So, the crap shack? Yeah, it is a bit of a weird name for a site. But it's because I live in a crap shack. Or, one that used to be. I inherited it from a relative when they sadly passed away, and to say it was in a state of disrepair was an understatement. Now, it is a bohemian and cheerful place I call home, but back then the walls were near collapsing in on themselves. I did most of the work myself, and it was a learning process to get it to look good. 

The same mentality is true of this site. It took me a while to even get it looking like it is now – and some may have the opinion that this isn't great looking – so this too is my crap shack. Still, it is mine, I will make it as I can and how I want. 

Because even a crap shack can be a wonderful home.