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Top 6 Places to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most popular places to visit in South East Asia. The Philippines is well known for their diverse culture, amazing beaches, and tropical climate. The people in the Philippines are so kind and hospitable. That’s what tourists love about its people. Since it is a tropical country, many tourists often get fed up with the winter seasons they experience back home and would like to go here to escape the cold weather. The Philippines has so much to offer, from amazing beaches to amazing natural sceneries. It is the perfect destination to escape the fast-paced life of the city.


Manila is the capital of the Philippines and has rich culture and history. Visiting Manila can give us a fun experience. We can visit many beautiful historical sites like Manila Bay, Fort Santiago, Luneta Park, the National Museum of the Philippines, and more. Manila has so much to offer, not forgetting that it is a tourist hot spot destination.


One of the most beautiful beaches around the world is located in the Philippines. Boracay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. It’s a small island famous for its white sand and crystal clear water. Boracay has been named in several travel magazines as one of the best places to visit in the world. Every year, millions of tourists would visit Boracay, as it is a great place to spend your summer vacation. Staying here can definitely release our stress and worries in life. Nightlife in Boracay is also great. Boracay is definitely a must-place to go when visiting the Philippines.

Albay, Mayon Volcano

The Mayon volcano is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines. Its located in the Province of Albay, approximately 30 minutes air travel time from Manila. The Mayon Volcano is the most famous active volcano in the Philippines. Its symmetrical cone shape appearance can amaze anyone. This volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the country. The last minor explosion has devastated many people in the province. It last exploded in the year 2020. Although it’s only a minor explosion, it resulted in a lahar flow and has affected many people in the Bicol Region.


Another great place to visit is Vigan, a place that will take you back to the experience of the Spanish influence with its people and colonial-era building. It is one of the few places in the Philippines where we can experience and see the amazing colonial-era buildings built by the Spaniards, who inhabited the Philippines’ Island for hundreds of years. Vigan was also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it was also recognized as one of the 7 wonders of the world in 2015. Vigan is definitely a place that you must visit, as it truly amazes us.


The Philippines is a tropical country, and the weather here is usually hot. However, there are places here that have cool weather, and one of these places is Baguio. Baguio is a perfect place to stay. The cold temperature here is not too overwhelming, so staying here would be a great idea. Many tourists visit this hotspot every year because of amazing sceneries and exquisite food cuisine. This place is known for its flower cultivation, strawberry farms, yam, jams, and much more. Furthermore, take a selfie with one of the most famous indigenous tribes in the Philippines, called The Ifugao Tribe.


Bohol is the home of the famous Chocolate Hills and the smallest primate in the world called tarsiers. The Chocolate Hills is made up of over a thousand small hills. During the summer season, the color of the chocolate hills would turn brown, and in the cooler season, the color would turn into lush green. This place is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. We would definitely have a good time staying here.


The Philippines has so much to offer. Visiting this country during the summer and winter seasons is perfect. Friendly people, diverse culture, rich history, and amazing food cuisine make this destination truly unbelievable, so bring your friends and family with you and enjoy the amazing tourist destination in the country. There are many awesome tourist destinations here in the Philippines – the above-mentioned ideas are just some of the few places we should consider visiting.