The Places Where Time Does Not Matter

The places that we are talking about are, of course, holiday destinations. Time does not have to matter when you are on holiday. It all depends on what kind of holiday you have arranged. A beach holiday is generally a relaxing one where you can just forget about daily life for two weeks, or however long your holiday is for.

So, to a few beach holidays that you might like to consider.



Fiji is known to have some of the best beaches in the world. There are, after all, plenty to choose from when it can boast having 333 islands. Then among these islands, resorts that offer sparkling waters and pristine sands. You will find pretty much a paradise spot anywhere you choose.

If you desire some adventure relating to the beach, as well as relaxing on it, then you will want to head for somewhere like Taveuni’s diverse coral reefs.

For some sightseeing linked to the movie Castaway or seasons of the TV show Survivor, you can catch the ferry from Port Denarau and head in the direction of the 20 islands making up the Mamanuca islands. So, the only time you have to worry about now is the timing of the ferry. Not that it is much of a commitment compared to making it to work on time every morning back at home.



Most people have probably heard of the Maldives. Particularly when work colleagues incessantly talk about them. People do seem to just live for their holidays. But then, they do provide something to look forward to before going, and then something to talk about when we return.

So, what do the Maldives have to offer? Well, only a tropical paradise, that is all! 22 ring-shaped atolls make up approximately 1,200 islands, with every beach as beautiful and relaxing as the last. It is like time has forgotten them, and they are there for you to enjoy as long as you want to, until your flight home.

It is perhaps the combination of the fine sands and the palm trees overlooking the beach that does it for most people looking for a paradise to enjoy on their holiday. Blue waters are the norm and beautiful sunsets are a delight at night.

The one thing that we should perhaps mention is that not all beaches are bikini-friendly. This is not to say that you can dispense with it altogether, but that you will need to cover up more when on these beaches. For more of a tan, you can head for Rasdhoo and Maafushi.



The number of islands is increasing because the Bahamas have 700 of them to enjoy. It is easy, despite all this choice, to find a perfect spot when you visit the Bahamas. They are just everywhere. Depending on how much of a quiet life you need, to forget about home for a bit, there are large resorts to choose such as Atlantis on Paradise Island or privately owned islands offering more privacy and chill-out opportunities.

If you like a pink hue underneath your feet, then head to Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island.

Then talking of pink, Exuma, a district of the Bahamas, has wild swimming pigs to delight you. They are just fascinating to watch.

For a movie connection like Fiji, seek out Gold Rock Beach in the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island. There is a stretch of sand here that was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. It can sometimes be hard not to think of pirates when we think of beaches. Although, that does depend on what movies we have been watching, or literature we have been reading.


In summary, three wonderful places to visit that are relaxing, in terms of being able to forget what time it is, but also that offer visitors something else in terms of the experience. They have in two cases, for instance, movie connections, and you would think that the Maldives had one too, the amount it is talked about and the popularity it holds as a holiday resort. Perhaps it does. That would be something else to explore.

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