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Sunnier Climbs and Wonderful Waterfalls

Many of us will go on holiday for different views as much as for relaxation. So, it is good to know the different locations in the world that offer the best views, whether they be up high and a mountain range, or range from high to low with a majestic waterfall. It is nice to have this kind of backdrop as our playground when we are on holiday. You can feel freedom and take your mind elsewhere other than absorbing it in the stresses of everyday life. The sunshine experienced on holiday always helps too, of course.

So, with these factors in mind, it is time to explore a few places that offer what has been mentioned.


Yuma, Arizona

Yuma in Arizona is officially, and according to the Guinness Book of Records, the sunniest city on Earth. Here, the locals will bask in the sunshine for more than 4,000 hours per year. The result has been recorded by the World Meteorological Organisation. Yuma even has 11 hours of sunlight in winter. In summer, this increases to 13 hours.

As one of the safest communities in the US, and with all this sunshine, Yuma must surely find itself near the top of everyone’s list of places in the world to at least consider visiting.


Svalbard, Norway

For a place that has no night, there is Svalbard in Norway. This is the northern-most region of Europe that is inhabited. The sun in this region shines continuously from 10 April and right through to 23 August. So, visiting here means that you can enjoy daytime all of the time. Rather like a city of lights that never sleeps, only enjoyable in a more natural way.


Matterhorn, Switzerland/Italy

This alpine peak spans the distance of the border between Switzerland and Italy. Its distinctive pyramid shape overlooks the Swiss town of Zermatt and is something of a picture postcard.

The mountain, standing 14,691 ft tall, was first scaled in 1865 by British climber Edward Whymper, who is credited with reaching its summit. The expedition was bittersweet because it claimed the lives of four of his team of seven during their descent. This is perhaps why we are so much in awe of these mountains. They are something greater than man and a challenge within plain sight.

Each year, with safety paramount, 2,000 ascend the peak of this imposing mountain. The most popular route is the Hörnli ridge route, which is best attempted in the summer. As you have gathered already, it is not a challenge that should ever be underestimated and you should always listen to your guide. Oh, and don’t forget your crampons!


Niagra Falls

The Niagra Falls have many times been referred to as the best waterfall in the world. They boast a height of 167 ft and a length of 2,600 ft.

If you are bordering the US and Canada in your adventures, then this is one of the top attractions to see. It is a splendid sight as it consists of not just one waterfall but three. It has the American Falls, the Bridal Falls, and also the Horseshoe Falls. All these combine to generate the highest flow rate of all the waterfalls on this planet.

For those into sustainable energies, the falls provide a source of power that is responsible for producing electricity for millions of people daily. So, it is not just a wonderful sight to see, you can think of how it is also helping to save and protect our planet. It is eliminating some of the need to use fossil fuels to produce electricity when they are depleting and polluting the Earth’s atmosphere.

For some scientific facts, it is interesting to note that 700,000 gallons of water travel down the Niagra Falls every second and that the waterfall is the world’s fastest-moving. The tallest waterfall here is the Horseshoe Falls, as mentioned, which has a height of 188 ft and a depth of 170 ft.


So, there we have it, some sunnier and mountainous views, and an environmentally friendly waterfall that tops many people’s lists as the best waterfall in the world.

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