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30 Home Office Gifts for Guys

If you’re looking for home office gifts for men, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of top-rated items that are sure to please any guy who spends his day in an office. If you want more variety, you can also check out websites like as well as similar others, so you can get them gifts for years without running out of ideas.

Whether he prefers working at night and needs a little light, wants to keep things organized, or just needs a little comfort and relaxation, we’ve got him covered.

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  1. A nice desk lamp is always a great gift for someone who spends a lot of time in their home office. Choose one with a sleek design that is adjustable so that he can get the perfect light level for whatever he’s working on.
  2. If your guy is a music lover, consider getting him a new set of wireless headphones. Look for ones that have a good sound quality and a comfortable fit so that he can wear them for hours.
  3. A new laptop or tablet is a fantastic gift for someone who works from home. Be sure to get one that has the features he needs to be productive, such as a good processor and plenty of storage space.
  4. If the man in your life likes to work out at home, consider getting him a fitness tracker so that he can monitor his progress when not at his desk. There are a variety of different trackers available, so be sure to read reviews to find the best one for his specific needs.
  5. A comfortable desk chair is a fantastic present for someone who spends a lot of time sitting at a computer. Choose one that is comfortable and has good back support so that he can stay productive.
    home office desk with chair
  6. Does he like to cook? If so consider getting him a kitchen gadget such as a food processor or a stand mixer. These gadgets can be expensive, but they are sure to come in handy for anyone who loves food.
  7. Organisation comes more naturally to some than others but why not get him a desk organizer so he can keep his work area neat and tidy. A desk organizer with space for all of his essentials will be used for years to come.
  8. Most men love their watches and a shiny timepiece is an excellent choice for a man no matter what his age. Pick out a style that is professional yet stylish so that he can wear it when working at home and when out on the town. And, while you are shopping around for a watch, you could also look at some of contemporary bracelets that could go well with the watch (see this link for example). Double the gifts, double the joy!
  9. If your guy enjoys sports like golf, you could buy him a simulation software from Uneekor (see this great site for more details) or similar companies so he can spend his evenings after work doing something he loves.
  10. If your guy is tech-savvy, a new gadget such as a smartwatch or the latest iPhone will go down a treat. Tech gifts can be expensive, but they are sure to come in handy for anyone who loves to stay connected.
    Fitbit Watch On Arm
  11. A set of towels is a unique gift for someone who spends a lot of time working from home. Choose a set that matches his bathroom decor and is soft and absorbent so that he can keep his hands clean and healthy.
  12. New bedding can make working from home that little bit more special. Comfy and cozy sheets will help him get a good night’s sleep after a long day of work.
  13. A desk calendar can add a personal touch to a home office so that he can keep track of his appointments and deadlines in style. You can buy one with pictures of his favorite things or you can even make your own design using photographs. In fact, you can also get him some stationery for his desk, which is a hugely practical gift for someone who spends a lot of time working from home.
  14. A standing desk is ideal for someone who works from home. Working on your feet gives you more energy and makes it easier to focus and reduce fatigue which can even lead to improved job performance.
  15. Plants are needed in a home office because they help to increase humidity, improve the air quality and add to your decor. Snake plants, Aloe, and Tillandsia are all excellent options for men and require minimal care.
    house plants on windowsill
  16. Glasses make ideal gifts for wine and beer lovers because they are versatile and practical. You can buy some basic ones for everyday use, or luxury glassware for special occasions.
  17. A quirky tea set is a great gift for any tea-loving man. It’s a useful and thoughtful gift that he can use every day, as well as a conversation starter and something that he can enjoy using for many years to come.
  18. We are all guilty of not drinking enough water during the day. Treating him to a refillable water bottle can help him to stay hydrated and track how much water he drinks.
  19. Bluetooth speakers are the perfect solution for men who do not want to wear headphones all day. A wireless speaker can be used for work and play so invest in one that can handle video calls as well as podcasts and music.
  20. Color-changing LED lightbulbs can make working from home more fun. Thanks to app-based technology most color-changing bulbs can be controlled from your smartphone – the perfect way to take a home office from day to night.
    pink lightbulb
  21. Artwork can help to transform his home office into a more inviting and inspiring space. By gifting a piece or two of his favorite art, he can brighten up the room and make it feel more like his own.
  22. A laptop stand is excellent for keeping laptops cool and preventing them from overheating, which can cause damage to the computer. Laptop stands also help to improve posture and prevent neck and back pain.
  23. A novelty privacy sign is humorous and practical. When he has a video call or any other meeting, the man in your life can stick the privacy sign on the door as a warning to everyone else not to come in.
  24. If he likes to have his snacks and a cold drink nearby at all times, a mini-fridge could be the solution your man’s home office is crying out for. Don’t forget to stock it with some beverages and treats.
  25. USB microphones are surprisingly affordable and can make a big difference to the sound quality of any video calls. Gifting a new mic will ensure that he always sounds good during virtual meetings.
    black microphone in front of laptop screen
  26. Does he always seem to lose his spectacles? Guys can be forgetful, but buying a desktop eyeglasses holder provides somewhere safe and secure for him to rest his eyewear when not in use.
  27. Skincare staples like face wash and moisturizer are the work-from-home essential the men in your life need. Home offices can be stressful, but skincare will keep stress-related breakouts away and ensure he always looks his best over a video call.
  28. Slippers are perfect for winding down after a stressful day at the (home) office. You can treat the males in your life to classic sheepskin designs or novelty pairs depending on their personality.
  29. Working from home means putting up with household smells including kitchens and toilets. Investing in a high-quality diffuser can help your man to fill his home office with a fresh and welcoming scent.
  30. Hunching over in front of a screen can cause muscle soreness in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Give him a microwavable neck pillow that he can wear at his desk to soothe any tension from staring at a screen.

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Buying gifts for men is not always easy

If you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life, we’ve got you covered. From uncommon goods like tea sets to soft furnishings and tech gadgets, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for guys this year.

So whether your husband, boyfriend, or dad is into fitness or likes to stay organized at work, we have something he will love. What are some of your favorite gift ideas for men?

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